Tuesday Tool Review (Toolsday?)- Casio DW290-1V Sport Watch

Welcome to the Tuesday Tool Review. On a Tuesday (I’m not committing to every Tuesday) , I will provide my insights on a tool that I’ve purchased and used. I will aim to be objective, as the money required to buy each tool will have come from my own pocket. I will try to avoid reviewing mundane tools like hammers or screwdrivers unless they have a unique feature, such as Bluetooth or the ability to find that 10 mm socket you were just using.

First up for the Tuesday Tool Review is a watch. “Why would I need a watch in the garage?” you are likely asking yourself. If you, like me, have a significant other, you know how easy it is to lose track of time while wrenching on your favorite project car. Ten “just one more thing”s later, you realize that it’s an hour past the time to get ready to go out, feed the dogs or make dinner. A watch on one’s wrist is the perfect way to not lose track of the day. “Yeah, well I have a phone.” you might argue. That’s all well and good but I don’t like to carry my phone when I’m working on a vehicle because of the risk that it will break. It is much easier to have a watch on a wrist.

My choice of watch was the Casio DW290-1V Sport Watch. This watch is digital, has a stopwatch with lap times, a backlight, timer and alarm. It is water-resistant to 200 meters, which is 660 feet in American. It is currently listed on Amazon for $39.00. The watch can beep on the hour. If you start working at 3:00 and need to be done by 5:00, just count two beeps and you’re done. This is the watch Tom Cruise wore in Mission Impossible, so it is capable of impossible tasks such as changing a clutch in a 944. Just remember to turn off the hourly beep if you are engaged in clandestine operations.

I enjoy watches and have a modest collection of mostly quartz watches with a couple of automatics and an Apple Watch. I didn’t typically wear a watch before acquiring the Casio. Time would sneak up on me and I would wonder how it got to be so late, at which point my wife would open the garage door and ask “Hey, we eatin’ tonight?” I bought the Casio because it is inexpensive and feature-laden. I didn’t want to get a watch such as a G-Shock, that I would worry about damaging. If this Casio gets scratched or dented, it will just add some character. Eventually it will be irreparably damaged and I will just get another one. If one’s budget is tight, there are even less expensive options such as the Casio F91W-1, on Amazon currently for $13.99. It has a stopwatch, is luminous and water-resistant to 50 meters.

My impression of the Casio is very positive. I like wearing this time piece in the garage. Its digital face is easy to read and the stopwatch is convenient to access. The countdown timer is very useful. There are so many tasks that require the timing of an action, such as waiting for an adhesive to set, powder coating metal parts, breaking in a camshaft and estimating quarter mile times. On my wrist, it feels light and compact. It’s small enough that I haven’t had a problem with it interfering with reaching in to small places. The large CR2016 battery is rated for two years and is easy to replace, with four screws to remove the case back. One may easily change the battery (about $1.75 each) without taking it in to a shop, thus saving time and money.

One of the quibbles I have with the Casio is the plastic strap. When new, it is stiff. Perhaps it will loosen up over time, but after four days on my wrist, it has yet to do so. This makes putting it on and taking it off a bit of a struggle. Another ding against the Casio is the “Adjust” button on the upper left. This button starts and stops the timer and stopwatch, but it is recessed so as to not accidentally activate it. I think it is a bit too hard to press this button. I have to get the right angle with my fingertip. The other buttons have a nice touch and are easy to press.

In conclusion, the Seiko DW290-1V is a valuable tool for the garage. It’s a tough, Craftsman-like tool that does its job without too much fanfare, it looks decent and one can wear it in the shower after a day’s work in the garage. I think it’s an excellent value. If I were to lay it on the ground and accidentally run over it with the LeMans, I would replace it with the exact same watch.

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