I Need This Car – BMW E9

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BMW built the E9 (models 2800 CS, 3.0 CS, 3.0 CSL, etc.) from 1968 to 1975, as the slightly bigger, more powerful and more elegant brother to the ’02 series. It was offered with straight-6 engines of various sizes, elegant narrow pillars and the choice of a 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic. Stoppage was accomplished by a front disc/rear drum set-up. While beautiful, the E9 is prone to rust and parts are becoming difficult to source. Those that can be sources come with a healthy price tag. One would be wise to thoroughly inspect an E9 prior to purchase. As in most cases with European cars of this era, shelling out money up front for an excellent example will be best for one’s budget in the long run.

My 3.0 CS would be manual transmission with blue paint. It would serve faithfully as a weekend warrior, used for sunny Saturday get-aways, wine pick-up days (the trunk is fairly spacious), and the occasional car show involving automobiles and caffeine. With prices hovering around the $80,000 mark, I doubt I’ll add one to the garage any time soon, but this does not diminish the fact that I need one.

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