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I thought I would provide an update on the current status of all of the cars in the NMC garage (mostly so I can look back and say “Oh yeah, I already did that” next year when I go to perform miscellaneous tasks).


1972 Pontiac LeMans

The Pontiac is on the road and running well. I finished the installation of the RideTech coil over suspension and C6 Kore3 front brakes, set the ride height, did some fine tuning and took it in for alignment. I am very happy with its performance right now. The brakes are much better, especially with the new brake booster. The handling is infinitely improved. Whereas with the stock suspension it would lean in a corner like a tower of pizza (yes, pizza. Have you ever tried to build a pizza tower? Lots of lean there), it now corners flat. The float going over bumps is gone as well. Road & Track circa 1983 would describe it as firmly planted.

In addition to the suspension and brakes, I replaced a fuel line that had been pinched with a 3/8″ line that I bent. It seems to have eliminated the problem of the Quadrajet running out of fuel on acceleration runs, but further testing is required.

The LeMans is currently relegated to storage, but I expect it to rack up some mileage this Fall.


1975 Triumph TR6

The Triumph participated in the Western Washington All British Field Meet on July 23. A few days before the show, I drove it home from storage, where it had been since last year’s All British Field Meet (henceforth referred to as ABFM, since I’m tired of typing All British blah blah blah). The car started up immediately thanks to Battery Tender and the modern high torque mini starter. Driving it home on a warm day, the temperature rose a bit beyond the mid mark on the gauge while at a stop, but increasing RPM above idle would bring the temp  down. I can see an electric fan in this car’s future. Mostly, this car needs to go on a road trip on back roads instead of idling in traffic.


1971 Corvette

The Corvette has been running really well with its new engine. On hot days, driving up hills through the neighborhood, the temperature is getting a bit warmer that I’d prefer, so I ordered a new radiator from Dewitt’s. It will get here before our trip to Sonoma and should be a quick install. The old radiator is already out in anticipation of the new unit. Four new BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires were ordered and mounted on the original Rally Wheels- 255/60R15 in the back and 245/60R15 in the front. The old tires weren’t worn out, but they were ten years old, which is about 137 in tire years. Lastly, I charged the air conditioning, which was quite easy because I brought it to a shop to have it done. They reported the temperature at the vent was 32°F.

In early July, my 12 year old daughter and I brought the car to Griot’s Garage Caffeine and Gasoline in Tacoma, WA. It made the journey without drama.


1976 BMW 2002

No work has been done to the ’02 lately, but I have purchased parts. The car needs new tires, as it now wears snow tires. It snows in Seattle once a year at the most, and the BMW won’t be my ride of choice if we do get some white stuff on the ground. I decided to go with BMW 14″ bottle cap wheels from the BMW E30. Tire selection is a bit better than with the 13″ BBS that are on the car now. eBay revealed four of these wheels in decent shape, which are now awaiting a tire order.


2002 Porsche Boxster S

I haven’t done anything to the Porsche other than drive it around a bit. My wife and I didn’t even take it to our last wine tasting, in favor of the Corvette. This turned out to be bit of a disaster, as the Corvette has two fewer trunks than the Porsche. My wife ended up straddling one of the cases of wine as we made the short trip home from Woodinville. There’s nothing to report here.

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