Apparently My Daughter Will Need a Truck

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64 Ford F-100 Pick-Up” by Greg Gjerdingen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

My 11 year old daughter has taken an interest in riding horses in the last few years. She takes riding lessons at the local equestrian center, she went to horse camp for a week this summer, spent a week in North Dakota riding horses and even took a sunset ride in Maui in June. In her mind, she has it settled that she is definitely getting a horse. Our house’s back yard is approximately the size of an iPhone 5, so I’m not sure where she shall keep this horse, but I have no doubt that she is plotting a well thought out retort to this argument.

To transport this horse, she decided that she needs a truck. She assumes it’s my responsibility to acquire this truck. I talked with her about this, since I couldn’t imagine her turning 16 and driving a truck. She informed me that her plan is to graduate college, get a horse and then a truck to pull her trailer to horse competitions and shows and to carry hay. I believe the truck is playing in to her ideal of being a  country/cowgirl. She loves to wear plaid shirts, jeans and boots. She was actually playing a country music video on the tv the other day. Shocked, I asked “What are you doing? We don’t listen to country music!” She explained that she liked this song. I told her she’d never heard this song before. She admitted this was true but held steadfast that she liked the song. This, I believe to be a conspiracy to get me to buy her a horse. “I’ll stop listening to country music if you buy me a horse.” That may be me just being paranoid, but more likely it’s me knowing my daughter really well.

She recently started texting me pictures of trucks that would be acceptable to her. The pictures she’s sent me include a 1964 Ford F100, a 1971 Ford F250 and a 1960 GMC step side. I have to admit, she has pretty good taste in old trucks. I wouldn’t be opposed to getting one of these, getting it running and tooling around in it until she’s old enough to need it herself. As far as towing goes, her grandpa brought up the point that a modern truck, such as his F250, would be much more comfortable, more powerful and better at towing than an old truck. She agreed, but still wants an old truck for carrying her saddle, hay, and whatever else a cowgirl might need to transport. Stay tuned… we’ll see if anything happens with this.

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