What Did I Do? – Straps!

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Years ago, I purchased a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase to use on our Corvette’s luggage rack. My wife and I intend to use this as extra cargo space for our next trip to Napa in August 2016, so she can bring all of her shoes. At this point she would argue that I once brought a whole bag full of shoes to Napa. This is true, but for our 2015 trip I made a concerted effort to reduce my shoe footprint and managed to fit them in a bag with the rest of my clothes. Right about now she’s rolling her eyes and saying “Whatever”.

My task was to figure out what to do about securing the luggage to the rack. I considered bungie cord with the little hooks on the ends, but I was concerned about damaging the leather on the suitcase and they hinted at camping rather than the classic ’60s touring look that I sought. I found some nylon straps that were a bit better, with more adjustability thanks to the clasp on the ends, but they still seemed a bit tacky.

A Google image search for “Porsche 356 luggage rack” revealed exactly what I needed – leather straps that buckled. Further research led me to a vendor on eBay called leatherstitcher. They offer luggage rack straps in various sizes and colors. I used a rope to determine how long my straps would need to be, measured the rope and ordered the straps.

The strapsĀ are easy to install. One end loops around a bar on the luggage rack and snaps to itself, and the other end attaches to the opposite strap via a buckle. The luggage rack has two little posts on the outside edge to prevent the straps from slipping, as shown below.

The only negative I see in all of this is that the gas filler is on the rear deck lid. Every time we stop to fill up, I am going to have to undo the buckles and remove the suitcase. On the other hand, when we drive through Oregon (where extras from the movie Deliverance are required to pump your gas) it might amuse me to make them wait while I fiddle around with the buckles.

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