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In 2006, my wife decided that our BMW E34 hated her. The air conditioning stopped working, the cooling system stopped cooling, the head started warping and the dash would light up like a Las Vegas slot machine, warning of the latest calamity the sedan was experiencing. She had had enough.

She had expressed a desire for a Boxster and I’m not one to turn down the opportunity to own a Porsche. Through her friend who was a car broker, we found a 2002 Boxster S in California. The car ticked off all the boxes on her checklist except for color. She desired seal grey, but this one was silver with under 30,000 miles. Close enough. The broker had the car inspected, shipped up to Seattle and one week later, my wife had a new daily driver.

The Porsche is the one enthusiast car that I’ve never actually worked on. It’s been incredibly reliable. The only major issue that we’ve had is a clutch replacement (a wear item) at 55,000 miles, performed by Chris’s German Auto Service in Bellevue, WA. They do all of the routine maintenance on the Boxster. My wife likes to refer to her car as the Camry when she drops it off amidst the 356s, Speedsters, and Turbo 911s.

My wife used the car as her daily driver and we’ve driven the 800 plus miles from Seattle to Napa in this car every year since 2007. I discovered a windy road that runs from Winters to Napa, going just to the South of Lake Berryessa. It’s about 32 miles of tight turns and two lane roads. Slower traffic has always let me by, meaning we don’t get stuck behind RVs. Napa is one of the better places in the country for top down motoring and I’ve always appreciated having the Boxster S for this trip. Hands down, it beats flying down and renting a craptastic VW Beetle or whatever the rental du jour is.

The Boxster S was retired from daily service when my wife acquired an Audi Q5 in April 2014. The Audi allowed her to participate in the basketball, lacrosse and softball carpools that the two-seat Boxster had always precluded. The Porsche now leads a leisurely life covered in our garage, hooked up to the Battery Tender, waiting for sunny days or the occasional call to duty when one of the other dailies is in for service.

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