Need Fulfilled – Porsche 944

Craigslist search: rear-wheel-drive, manual transmission, newer than 1980, less than $10,000. My quest for a new (used) car was set in motion. Such a search results in much nonsense, such as V6 Mustangs, 3-series BMWs that have been modified past the point of what a sane person would consider sane, Honda Accords (not rear-wheel-drive, people!) and all the Miatas one could ever hope to see. Continue reading “Need Fulfilled – Porsche 944”

And the Rest

Remember the Gilligan’s Island theme song? When the series first started, the song introduced all of the characters and then ended with “and the rest”, leaving out the Professor and Mary Ann. After the first season, the musical people at CBS finally figured out how to incorporate “The Professor and Mary Ann” into the diddy without ruining its melodic genius. Continue reading “And the Rest”