Need Fulfilled – Porsche 944

Craigslist search: rear-wheel-drive, manual transmission, newer than 1980, less than $10,000. My quest for a new (used) car was set in motion. Such a search results in much nonsense, such as V6 Mustangs, 3-series BMWs that have been modified past the point of what a sane person would consider sane, Honda Accords (not rear-wheel-drive, people!) and all the Miatas one could ever hope to see. Continue reading “Need Fulfilled – Porsche 944”

I Bought a Truck

The newest addition to the ever expanding Need More Cars garage is a 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max. Why a Mighty Max, you ask? Let me take you back a couple of weeks. My wife and I were sitting on the couch watching I can’t remember what (probably the Mariners losing or some real housewife losing her calm because Brenda gave her a look when she claimed she had no work done to her face), when my wife showed me her phone. On it was a for-sale ad from a neighborhood Facebook page, showing a picture of a silver Mighty Max with an advertised price of $500. I was interested. Running cars valued at $500 or less make for good 24 Hours of LeMons candidates. Continue reading “I Bought a Truck”

What Is Wrong With My LeMans?

No car is perfect. Compromises must be made by the manufacturer or builder of a car in order to cope with the real world. A stiff, race car-like suspension, for example, might jar one’s fillings loose on the unmaintained roads of California. Perhaps the previous owner made a choice based on parts that were available to him instead of taking the time to find the ideal part. I would like to address some of the ways in which my 1972 Pontiac LeMans could be improved. These deficiencies were made more clear during a recent road trip taken to Eastern Washington. Continue reading “What Is Wrong With My LeMans?”